Sunday, February 24, 2013

Digital Storytelling: Contrasting Pictures of Africa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is it worth when combined with three others as shown below?

And if these four are juxtaposed to the set of four below, what might be the takeaway message?

My major learning from the etMOOC sessions by Doug Belshaw and Howard Rehingold is that one of the key distinctions between traditional storytelling and digital storytelling is the communication that is stimulated, forwarded, remixed, tweeted, etc. by the original post. So I have posted above a set of pictures. But the story is simply dead weight in cyberspace if the pictures simply lie there. It becomes a digital story when others react. 

In digital storytelling, in contrast to traditional print journalism, readers have the ability to react to the author and to each other as they comment across the web. Therefore the above is not really a digital story by my putting it there (at least one not sufficiently stimulating to induce comment--and thus not a digital story).

Thanks to for assistance in preparing this part of a potential digital story.

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