Tuesday, January 15, 2013

etMOOC pushing me "out there"

I have resisted setting up a blog because I'm not particularly interested in being "out there" in the public--until this moment. My "publics" are smaller ones in my immediate physical world and from previous physical worlds now held together through email and other social network tools. Yes, I have met many others virtually. Some connections have endured for a significant period of time, but others have survived for only a specific engagement, mirroring the physical world.

What has motivated me to surface is the enrollment in etMOOC http://etmooc.org/calendar/. We shall see how long I can remain connected--literally because either the ISP or the electricity in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is known to frequently isolate me. This happened several times during chats with my team mates enrolled in the Stanford University MOOC on Developing New Learning Environments.

My first etMOOC assignment is to introduce myself. My submission uses PhotoPeach and can be found here. Intro etMOOC on PhotoPeach

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