Saturday, January 26, 2013

Entering the Waters Slowly

I have spent an inordinate amount of time downloading YouTube videos on how to setup and use HootSuite, which also motivated me to setup a Google + page. I'm still a fumbling tweeter. My online practice continues to be hindered by the on-and-off nature of my ISP, compounded by electrical brownouts.

I watched and listened to the enjoyable archived etMOOC BlackBoard Collaborate session by Sue Waters on blogging. My takeaway: Blogging first requires a lot of reading and reflecting as the foundation for blogging. As one blogs, one becomes more comfortable with sharing the personal learning. During the BB session someone in the chat window wrote: "We write ourselves into being." I can relate to that. I graduated from an intensive undergraduate program that required lots of reading, reflection and writing--integrating poetry, stage plays and fiction on a weekly basis. At least two writing assignments per week  required experimenting with new persona and led to lots of self-discovery. But I was so exhausted by the time I graduated that it took me many years afterwards to pickup any of such genre again. That may partially explain why I'm entering the blogging waters so slowly.

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  1. That is very challenging when you're having connectivity issues! I missed where some one said "we write ourselves into being" :(

    I think you're taking a good approach to blogging. Writing twice weekly over an extended period would be intense. Focus on writing when you want to write; rather than feeling you have specific time frames and hopefully it will help.