Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free Mosquito Bednets: Good or Bad?

etMOOC may have finished but it can score a success in having motivated me to continue testing various digital tools. Below are two Voki characters that give different view points on whether it is a good idea to give free bednets to keep malaria carrying mosquitoes away. The debate is much more extensive than can be treated here, but it provides the core arguments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the topic. For those who live on the African continent, especially in rural areas, dealing with malaria seems to be a reality for so many. I like how you used the Vokis to share the different points of view. My wife and I support an orphanage in Uganda that at different times of the year provide nets to local villagers. It's a small thing they can do to help address the problem. They have few resources to provide for other types of prevention. So my friends that serve there would probably go for the argument of providing nets, while hoping that at some point other longer term solutions will come from those with resources...those that can also empower villagers in caring for themselves and their neighbors. The needs are great and the resources are limited, but there is hope that people will see the need and respond.