Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maker versus Taker

I joined clMOOC late, but was welcomed warmly, which motivated me to do several of the first assignments within a few hours. One assignment was to create a learning map, shown below, which helped me place my career in a new pattern, based on key learning periods for me.

While items 1 and 2 were years of intense (sometimes painful) growth before my career began and which were heavily influenced by teachers, item 4 occurred several decades into my career when I relied heavily on the internet. It was Just In Time learning as I grappled with having to mediate conflict and bridging cross-cultural issues, etc. I was a very big internet Taker, which without question enabled me to conduct a job that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Today I planned to prepare something more than this post for my clMOOC colleagues, but again it was filled with Taking, converting it into a very enriching day. The themes of clMOOC and my previous etMOOC were that one must Make and share. etMOOC actually motivated me to begin this blog and test all kinds of tools. I hope to continue that soon again, electricity permitting.